The latest collection from Melbourne label Phoebe Pendergast is a tribute to love, youth and innocence

Words by Gabrielle O’Hagan

Fall in love. 

This month, Melbourne-based fashion designer Phoebe Pendergast will release her next collection, SS22. Made entirely from upcycled and deadstock materials, the collection features brocade, lace and patchwork florals. With an array of hand-knitted dresses, patchwork boots, and low-rise trousers, using a maroon-based colour palette, SS22 is the ideal gateway drug into autumnal dressing.

When designing these pieces, Phoebe was inspired by the feeling of falling in love for the first time. “[They capture] the innocence and naive spirit of girlhood,” she says. “The design process behind this collection follows a recuperative nostalgic routine, documenting the lingering aftertaste of a former relationship and translating it into a wearable experience.”

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The young designer is known for creating clothes fuelled by emotion. Featured in the National Graduate Showcase 2021 at Melbourne Fashion Festival and in Vogue Australia, Phoebe has taken the fashion world by storm. Her designs are an intensely personal and wonderfully artistic expression of her deepest thoughts, feelings and vulnerabilities.

SS22 is no exception. Each individual piece conveys a sense of intimacy, familiarity and nostalgia; together, the designs are an amalgamation of Phoebe’s best and worst memories of love, an ode to youth and sentimentality.

Wearing any of the pieces from SS22 will be a transformative experience, she promises. Phoebe wants her clothes to make people feel like they are stepping inside a fantasy or dream-like world. “I like to think of this collection as a wardrobe fit for a pixie warrior who doesn’t have to dress masculine in order to assert her power,” she says.

The collection will be presented at the Next Gen runway at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, and will be available for preorder from May 13.

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