Activewear in public is no longer socially acceptable, Lululemon agrees

The brand has commenced rolling out lifewear.

Sorry lovers of stretchy comfort and supportive runners, activewear’s out. And even Lululemon knows it.

The activewear giant has announced it’s newest NYC store will move away from cutaway tank tops and vibrantly-patterned leggings, toward modern and sleek lifewear. The store is set to favour a wardrobe of black, grey and white and will only stock a few activewear pieces.

In a move toward sister brand, Kit and Ace, the Lululemon Lab (which will be the brand’s second lifewear store) will focus on technical fabrics and performance.

The new NYC lab will act as an incubator for experimental designs. Expect to see functional pieces that combine sophistication with practicality. You’ll see pants, tops and jumpers which all cross over from activewear to lifestyle – meaning you could probably get away with wearing them to work.

Currently the Lab’s collection, Theory+, will only be sold in small batches (of around 50 per item) in-store only.

“The lab is meant to be an influencer of the bigger brand, so if we come up with a new amazing pant shape or original detailing, that has the opportunity to be adopted by the core line,” Head Lab designer, Marcus LeBlanc, said of the initiative.

Hopefully we’ll see some of the pieces in Australian stores soon, because we like what we see.


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