By Kilian’s Studio 54 scented jewellery

This is real. This is a thing.

The only thing better than jewellery or perfume is jewellery and perfume (der). So when we discovered French perfumer Kilian Hennessy has released a new range of scented jewellery, we died a little.

The aptly named Studio 54 range is inspired by the golden era nightclub, featuring bold yet glamorous elements and details reminiscent of the famed disco ball. 

Plated in 18k gold or rhodium and detailed with black pave Swarovski Crystals, each item features a discretely hidden ceramic which diffuses a “thin veil” of perfume around the wearer. Added bonus, the three-piece range can be scented with any of the French perfurmers 33 fragrances, which range from the traditional to Turkish coffee or cigars.

With other collections featuring options for both men and women, it’s a good tab to “conveniently” leave open on your sister’s/bestie’s/significant other’s computer. Hint hint.


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