House of Cards has gone super girly for next season

Could not love this more.

When House of Cards drops a new collection, you know creativity is going to be taken next level.  

The label’s newest collection is artistic proof the creative juices of head designer, Ashiya Omundsen, aren’t going anywhere. 

Titled Femme, the collection features pieces that will have you feeling like you’re playing dress-ups – just a much prettier and a better-coordinated version.

Ashiya describes her inspiration as: “Females who inspire me, as well as my own desire to experiment with a few fabrics and techniques I haven’t worked with before.”

Accordingly, the collection is designed for the individual who enjoys self-expression through what she wears, evident through Slinky pyjama-style silhouettes and major tulle pieces. The fabric is used to craft bold shapes seen in oversized bell sleeves, dresses and tops, while baby blue snippets are found hanging on simple silhouettes.

When asked for her favourite piece from the collection, Ashiya picks the Max Mini skirt: “I think this will easily be on high rotation in my wardrobe come summer.”

Or just one of everything, pls.


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