Hungry Castle make art

Since 2011 the design duo behind creative studio Hungry Castle have used their own art as inspiration for their fashion range.

What came first, art or fashion? For Dave Glass and Kill Cooper, the two are intertwined. Based in Barcelona, Hungry Castle is their creative studio, which specialises in creating public art and fashion.

Their art inspires fashion, but it’s the fashion that funds the art. Working collectively since 2011, the goal has always been to make big, playful things of cultural impact and use design thinking in a way that truly engages people. The artists combine unique three dimensional pieces with large-scale production with an added interactive ingredient to create a fully immersive experience between audience and art.

With their art inspiring their fashion, this creative duo have created a range of wicked gear including a yellow bomber jacket, hamburger printed hats and tees, statement Cool Shit tees and hats and our personal fav, a tee and cap with Mr. Easy himself, Lionel Richie, printed all over them. That’s cool.


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