Jac + Jack’s Summer 2015 drop has us swooning

Everyone’s a winner.

Australian label Jac+ Jack has dropped two Summer 2015 collections, one for the ladies and one for the fellas.

The women’s collection, designed by co founder Jacqueline Hunt, favours minimalist forms that play with the idea of proportion, draping and raw edges. Hunt draws on an unexpected starting point, taking the idea of a gown and unravelling it, pairing modern design elements with a-mazing backs and necklines. Yes please. 

The men’s collection takes a similar approach. Designer Patrick Blue favours minimalism and a neutral spring palette, true to the brands form. The palette reflects a simplicity that is evident through the use of Blues, Tan, Orange and Khaki. Perfect for the man who loves to look good without working too hard. 

There is a vast amount of shirts that have been produced with Italian and Japanese fabrics, adding an extra element of sophistication to an already sophisticated collection.

Both the male and female collections exude a sense of classiness. These pieces will work effortlessly into any existing wardrobe. 


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