Joyrich Spring/Summer 2015

Back-to-the-future with Joyrich.

Contemporary street-wear label Joyrich has taken inspiration from-way-back-when predictions of future fashion (as made by Doc and Marty McFly) for its latest Spring/Summer collection.

2015 is the year of the ‘future’, as determined by ’80s sci-fi, and is the perfect ironic muse for Joyrich’s collection of retro-futuristic chic. With stylistic nods to ’80s paradise themes and bold patterns in matching jogging suits, Kath and Kel just got a make-over from daggy to high-fashion.

Lame made cool, Joyrich are spot on in taking us back-to-the-future with bold pastels and slouchy fashion. This is too good for just a jog. 


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