Kangol 2015 Spring/Summer Lookbook

Bucket hat wearers rejoice!

Picture your ultimate laid back summer: endless days spent just hanging out with friends who wear – and actually look good in – hats, captured on an old disposable camera. Kangol’s 2015 Spring Summer Lookbook pretty much captures that vibe, with a collection that could very well turn even the most ardent of hat haters.

Thirty years after that roo logo was made famous thanks to the heads of Run DMC, LL Cool J and Slick Rick, the British label continues to bring the goods. The classic Bermuda Casual bucket cap is grafitti-d, paint splattered and covered in motifs, beanies sport the iconic kangol logo and there are fly baseball caps a-plenty. The golf cap is even given a streetwear makeover and could very well be a summer hat staple – no argyle vest required.


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