Lazy Oaf’s latest lookbooks rule

The best threads.

London based fashion label, Lazy Oaf, has just dropped its latest lookbooks for Fall ’15, and they are the perfect combination of witty sarcasm and pop-culture references. In other words, so perfectly Lazy Oaf.

Known for their colourful prints, cartoon-centric designs and “elements of weirdness”, Lazy Oaf and designer Gemma Shiel have kept this season’s designs consistently fun.

The autumn menswear line features t-shirts with tributes to Bill Murry and Seinfeld, along a whole lot of other sweet threads (including an amazing colour block jacket). The ladies’ line is no different, giving off a fun sporty vibe with equally sarcastic, witty and cat-covered items that will give your wardrobe the fun overhaul it’s been looking for.


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