LEE has gone black to basics with its latest campaign

Long live the classic.

At the FJ office, we’ve come to a unanimous decision: a pair of black jeans is hands down the most important wardrobe staple. You can dress it up or down, with just about any piece and it will hit the mark every time.

So, when you go to purchase a shiny new pair, there’s nothing more frustrating than having them fade after a couple of washes. That’s why LEE’s new drop has piqued our interest.

Introducing Stay Black, a collection entirely centred around the classic and its ability to go the distance.

The collection has been created with reactively beam dyed fabric, to allow a strong bond between the black dye and the denim. This means the black colour is less likely to fade.

“Yarn is wound around a gigantic beam that has evenly perforated holes along its barrel,” Brand Manager for LEE, Lincoln Neil, explains. “It’s then amerced in a cylindrical dye bath colouring the yarn. Beam dying offers very high colour fastness in the yarn and finished fabric. Put simply, the colour will last longer through multiple washes.” 

Focusing on product innovation and quality, Stay Black adds new key styles to the existing LEE lineup. We’re talking the skinniest men’s fit yet, appropriately titled Sub Zero, and the ultimate hi-rise, cropped cut for girls, the Hi-Licks.

“It’s all about listening to the consumer and standing out from the crowd,” says Lincoln “[This] pushes the design team to deliver the most innovative and best quality denim to the Australian market. Knowing that we use some of the world’s best and most ethical suppliers makes us that extra bit proud of the product we deliver.”

You’ll also find leather biker jackets and cropped and hooded denim jackets to complete your winter outfit.

You can shop the Stay Black collection online, at General Pants and at selected LEE stockists.


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