Lucy Folk Appeteaser collection

All about giving into edible guilty pleasures, Lucy Folk’s Appeteaser collection will have you swooning quicker than you can write her name on your pencil case.

If you’re much like us and enjoy dabbling in the odd guilty pleasure (yep, we unashamedly sing our hearts out to One Direction too), Lucy Folk’s latest collection Appeteaser, is sure to float your boat. All about giving into indulgences of the edible persuasion, the collection contemplates cult classics, fantasises about forbidden favourites and indulging in an indecent la bouffe, resulting in a mood that is ultra alluring in fanciful forms.

Sterling silver, rose and yellow gold vermeil, fresh water pearls, powder coated steel, 22 carat gold, rubies, white and black diamonds and ceylon sapphires are all on the menu for this season’s feast of delectable delights. Aphrodisiacs come in the form of fresh water pearl oyster shells, glimmering in sterling silver and rose gold or diamond and sapphire encrusted caviar rings that sparkle seductively – we’re swooning already.

Friendship bands are more exciting with excess, covered with golden crochet sleeves and smothered with pearls. Full of exotic tastes, Appeteaser exudes delectable decadence, serving up an enticing slice of fashion and flavour. We’re so infatuated, we’re already scribbling Lucy Folk’s name on our pencil cases.



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