Lucy Folk’s latest collection ‘Poison Ivy’ has it all

Diamonds are forever.

Lucy Folk’s latest collection Poison Ivy embodies a mixture of totally diverse styles, moving from classic minimalism to rich jewels and exquisite detail. Edging away from her previous food-inspired designs, Lucy delves into themes of romance, danger and lust, delivering nothing short of perfect attention to detail.

With a focus on merging unlikely aesthetics, she combines flat peaked triangles and circular shapes with dazzling rubies, diamonds, pearls and pink and green tourmalines. Also with the inclusion of more versatile pieces, she features stackable rings and pared back ‘women’s ball signet’ and ‘dowry ring’ styles.

In the theme of Poison Ivy, Lucy adds metallic crocheting into the mix, adorning bracelets, necklaces, earrings and even nostalgic slap bands with unique and almost ethereal looking crochet designs.

Whether you like angular shapes or finer chains, knuckle rings or cuff earrings, this quirky collection covers a lot of ground and taste. It even includes a cocktail clutch made entirely out of plastic beading, sterling silver and yellow gold plating.

Shop the collection here.


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