McDonald’s is launching a Big Mac clothing line

The hamburger of hamburgers is getting its own fashion line.

In the wake of Burger King releasing a ‘Flame-Grilled’ fragrance (so you can forever smell like their iconic Whopper), McDonald’s Sweden is launching a Big Mac clothing and lifestyle line in celebration of its “I’m Lovin It 24” campaign. 

McFashion is officially a thing. 

Perhaps inspired by Jeremy Scott’s Moschino debut, where the chain’s golden arches and bold reds assembled his AW14 collection, the line will consist of clothing, wallpaper, bedsheets, gumboots and even a dog coat, all completely covered in the chain’s flagship burger, the hamburger of hamburgers, the Big Mac.

The collection launched Tuesday at the (wait for it) “McWalk” fashion show in Stockholm, after the success of Big Mac thermals that were made part of the sponsorship of the Swedish Alpine and Cross Country Ski Team. 

Unfortunate news is the Big Mac Shop does not yet ship to Australia, but let’s be honest, we’re sort of thankful for that.  


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