Me and You launches online shop

We can finally get our hands on a pair of those kiss print knickers.

After much anticipation, Me and You has launched its online shop and we can finally get our hands on a pair of that kiss print underwear we’ve been lusting over for so long.

Behind the label are BFFs Mayan Toledano and Julia Baylis, who came together to collaborate on a wide range of media from photography, fashion, collage and prints. 

Surpassing status as just a fashion label, the duo creates a girl power, dreamy, friendship, feminist world that we all want to be apart of. Filled with stickers, temporary tattoos and name necklaces, the Me and You series incorporates pieces bearing mottos like ‘feminist’, ‘don’t touch’ and ‘baby girl’, written across the bum and chest. Me and You invites us to a world that is supportive and inclusive of all girls. 

Some of the their acclaim can be accredited to friend and collaborator Petra Collins, whose ’70s aesthetic can be seen across the label’s work. Petra’s distinctive style of shooting unique, alluring, confident girls adds to the wide array of creative female talent in Me and You.

Mayan and Julia’s natural progression from art to fashion happened when they were asked by Petra to make pieces for a shoot with Tavi in i-D. The duo also later did another shoot for i-D with Petra, where they casted girls that inspired them and alas came the feminist kiss knickers.   

What’s great is that all the Me and You garments are proudly made in the USA. Even the dresses are made to order, with everything hand printed by the girls themselves who learned screen printing together in fashion school. 


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