Miuniku’s cleaning supplies-inspired collection

Sanitary chic.

Mumbai based brand, Miuniku has been making considerable waves on the fashion scene since its conception in 2013. Only one year after graduating, head designers Nikita and Tina have already won the Fashion Innovation Award and the Jury Prize at the LVMH awards.

Testament to their success is their 2014 Fall/Winter collection, inspired by household chores and cleaning supplies.

Avante-garde isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think about laundry detergent or shower curtains, but the two sisters seemed to have found, and accentuated, the beauty of the mundane.Turning toothpaste into high fashion, isn’t quite the easiest feat, yet this refreshing collection from Miuniku has has pulled it off effortlessly. 

The line takes on a geometric focus, with minimalist silhouettes and patterning blending with vibrant colours and stark whites, to stylishly evoke the sterility of your kitchen’s cleaning supplies drawer.


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