Nixi Killick’s runway show was amazing

Flash to the future with Killick.

People say that the future is frightening and the present is where we should focus our mind and energy. Well, if the Nixi Killick Autumn/Winter 2015 collection is any indication of the future, then we say someone build us a time machine, stat.  

To say the recent Nixi Killick show was spectacular, is a total understatement. Ladies and gents, It was out of this world. Simply psychedelic. 

The show took place at Easey’s in Collingwood, running over four different floors, including one which was a trailer hanging off the side of the building. Yes, that is correct, a trailer hanging off the side of the building. As you can imagine, the coolness level of this event was off the charts. 

Before the show took off, we were able to indulge in delicious cocktails, wine and tasty treats. Then the time came. As models entered the runway we were transported to a futuristic land, where tribal culture was embraced and expressed through colour. It was dazzling. With all the different popping and contrasting bold colours, we didn’t know where to look first. It was vibrant, electric and full of energy. The imagination and creativity embedded in the designs was awe-inspiring, leaving us all speechless (in a good way). 

To our girls Lady Gaga and Kimbra, we totally get it. If we could, we would be rocking Nixi Killick as well. The fashion is unique, dares to be different and challenges all that we know and are used to. 

We can’t wait for what is next to come. Keep killing it Killick. 

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