Rouda rules

There’s a new kid on the block.

Every now and then we meet a label that gets us excited. Today we met Rouda.

Yet to launch its debut collection, Rouda is everything we want in our wardrobes this summer. The local label delivers a clean mix of simple cuts, minimal styling and playful prints across silk dresses, linen culottes and raglan shirts and skirts.

Each Rouda garment serves as a blank canvas, using understated styles and a restrained palette to showcase the label’s original intricate prints. Its premier collection Positive/Negative harnesses a literal interpretation of light and shadow, with motifs inspired by the silhouettes on designer Megan McNeill’s walls.

Positive/Negative will drop on Wednesday at Rouda’s online store and be stocked at Monk House Design and Dagmar Rousset from early November. 


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