Samantha Farrugia creates feel-good fashion

Samantha Farrugia is a designer, artist, spiritual leader, animal welfare supporter, and absolute do-gooder.

We have heard that yoga, meditation, and deep breathing can create mindfulness and peace, however never has therapeutic clothing crossed our minds.

Artist and designer Samantha Farrugia has created a whole new way of living in today’s hectic society, by developing one-off ‘wellness creations’ intended to uplift, inspire, and free a woman’s spirit. Using colour therapy as a means to evoke inner beauty, health, and peace to its wearer, Samantha’s pieces are made with an abundance of love and endless inspiration.

Samantha’s unique creations also contribute to the good of our planet. Each piece is 100% silk, easy on the skin and biodegradable with a percentage of each sale given to an animal welfare organisation. 


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