Sarah & Sebastian drops new collection ‘Nimbus’

Star clusters and reflected light patterns.

Sarah & Sebastian’s latest collection Nimbus encapsulates soft delicacy and ethereal beauty, inspired by images of star clusters and reflected light patterns.

For the first time, a video haas been created to showcase the collection. It features soft cosmic sounds and a starlit sky, adding to the otherwordly allure of the unique designs.

Pieces are refined and draw on celestial motifs, playing with the concept of dripping finer chains over the body.

Building on star and sun-like shapes, flowing designs and rounded geometric formations, the collection radiates superior elegance with gold and silver, as well as black and white diamonds.

“We are inspired by representations of the halo in art. Nimbus is an exploration of painted light and mythical motifs, combining pictorial elements with geometric shapes,” said the team.

Sarah & Sebastian creates timeless jewellery better than anyone. 


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