Summer styling with FME’s Summer 2014 collection

Styling is made easy with FME’s latest InSideOut summer collection

FME’s also known as FUSSYMè’s Summer 2014 InSideOut collection is all you need for easy summer styling because let’s face it, you don’t want to be spending hours finding the perfect ensemble when it’s hot and sticky.

The Melbourne based label designs clean lines and classic cuts with a sophisticated edge proving its functionality. 

Sourcing their fabrics locally means they can ensure their products are of the highest quality and the use of organic and ethically made materials will have you looking fine without the guilt. 

Embody their feel good vibes and style your summer getups effortlessly, with a collection made up of wide pant culottes, shift dresses, stripe tee dresses, gathered slacks and crops. You can’t go wrong with FME. 


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