The Zoolander x Valentino official photos are here

Even MORE blue steel. Oui oui.

In what we called the single greatest fashion moment of the year, Derek Zoolander and Hansel are following up their Valentino walk-off at Paris Fashion Week with a series of shots in front of the Eiffel Tower.

The pair pose with Tilda Lindstam and Xiao Wen Ju in Valentine’s SS15 collection. Rainbow camouflage? Jumping shots? Even more ‘blue steel’? Oui oui.

The Eiffel Tower is looking pretty drab in the background. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got a really really ridiculously good looking pair of guys in front.

Sigh. Zoolander 2 doesn’t come out until 12 February 2016. Hope there’s another PR stunt coming up to fill the hype void.

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