If FJ had a boyfriend, he would be a total babe (obviously), and he’d dress in threads from THETHING. If you don’t know who they are fellas, then listen up because you’re totally missing out. 

Everything to do with this unique Chinese brand oozes cool; the styling, the imagery and the fact that they produce functional fashion that is still 100% aestheticly pleasing.

Clashing patterns and colours are certainly THETHING’s thing, and so is creating versatility in your wardrobe. Past and present collections have included waterpoof anoraks, rugged denims, travel pouches and sturdy back packs, but not without that trendy twist they’re famous for. 

THETHING have definitely perfected the art of taking fashion from the street to the freedom of the great outdoors, so if you’re planning an adventure with the boys or just feel like some retail therapy then head to – http://www.thething.cn/



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