Tumblr created a clothing line and it’s actually cool

They wanted each look to “feel like a Tumblr post.”

In big internet news, Tumblr has collaborated with online store, Print All Over Me (PAOM), and a bunch of cool artists to create a collection.

Coinciding with NYFW, Tumblr tapped artists Andrew B Meyers, Brian Vu, Elena Morelli, Hattie Stewart, John Karel, John Mclaughlin, Lauren Pelc-Mcarthur, Luca M, Mario Kroes and Monica Ramos.

According to Tumblr’s fashion evangelist (?), Valentine Uhovski, each look is meant to “feel like a Tumblr post.” I guess that makes sense.

The lookbook is actually pretty cool and we’re glad it’s not just a generic tank top and high-waisted short combo that we often see on our Tumblr feeds. These are real pieces of art and if you snag a piece, you’ll be making a statement.


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