6 fresh faces tell us how they got scouted

Started from the bottom.

We’ve all got to start our career somewhere. And when it comes to the modelling industry, the first steps usually involve being scouted.

While this is generally a given, just how it happens is largely shrouded in mystery. Do all models get plucked from shopping centre food courts? Or is it more formulaic than that?

Well, it varies. Below, six fresh faces from Azalea Models share how they got discovered and scored their big break into the industry.

Casey Slaughter

I was shopping in Adelaide Rundle Mall when Stacey [Hendrickson, director of Azalea Models] kindly approached me, introducing herself and asking if I was interested in modelling. I emailed Stacey that afternoon and made an appointment with Mum to meet at the Azalea studio, to have a chat about how I could get into modelling. I’ve had people come up to me in the past asking if I modelled, and they have given me their card, but I thought I was too young. I thought Stacey was really nice and did the Azalea modelling course in January 2017. The experiences I have had with Azalea Models so far have been amazing and I look forward to doing more modelling in the future.

Diing Akur

Getting scouted was completely by mistake, to be honest. I had gone into the Azalea office by chance, with my sister who wanted to pursue modelling. Then Stacey comes up to me and asks if I’d like to give it a go. Without hesitation, I took the opportunity to get a photo taken. I can’t help but just giggle at what was happening. Then Stacey starts measuring my height and asking me what size I am, and saying that I should give modelling a go. In a nutshell, it was by chance that I’m where I am now.

Matthew Delaine

I got scouted by Azalea Models last year, after a friend of mine and successful model, Gemma Cowling, shared a number of photos I’d taken of myself with Stacey. At the time, they were planning on expanding the agency to feature men, as well as the already established line of women. Up until then, despite the occasional friend suggesting it, modelling had never crossed my mind. I would always brush the suggestions off, just thinking they were compliments. Nothing could have prepared me for the day I got scouted.

Rory Hellwig

My girlfriend Emma had been speaking with Azalea about attending their upcoming workshop, and they came across me in a photo with her on Facebook. Azalea then left a comment on an Instagram photo of mine, which really surprised me, as I’d heard Emma talk about the agency. At first, I thought it was a joke and didn’t quite believe it was serious. But a week or two later, I was having my photo taken in their studio with not a clue what I was doing. And now here I am.

Alyssa West

I got scouted through Instagram when Azalea Models commented on one of my photos, asking how tall I was. Next thing I know, I’m going into the agency to take some test photos. This was extremely unexpected and a very random opportunity. Modelling was never something I had considered doing, but I also wanted to try something new. The experience so far has been amazing and doing shoots are so fun, especially when you get to do it with other models.

Rebecca Monck

I have always liked clothing design and appreciate the fashion industry. My modelling with Azalea first started when they commented on some of my photographs on Instagram. Stacey asked me to come in and meet her to take some digis in her office and that is how my modelling first started. Since then, I’ve taken part in runway training and several test shoots for my portfolio.


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