A stylist’s guide to updating your wardrobe for winter

Having a tight bank balance doesn’t have to limit you.

Now that the weather has cooled down, we’ve sent all of our summer dresses to the back of the wardrobe and brought our winter clothing out of hibernation.

It’s usually around this time we realise we have nothing to wear, and that our bank balances won’t stretch far enough for a new wardrobe.

It’s a continual cycle from year to year and one that we’re more than happy to break.

Australian Style Institute founder, Lauren Di Bartolo, has helped us out. She’s shared her top tips for updating your wardrobe without spending too much (op-shops not included). Lauren’s also served up her winter shopping picks for 2017, all of which you can shop at Northland Shopping Centre.

Australian Style Institute is all about the psychology of styling, and focuses on the way clothing can change your behaviour and confidence. Basically, Lauren is the perfect person to guide us when it comes to restocking our wardrobes.

So, what does she consider when shopping?

“As an overarching theme, often people are hesitant to set a budget because they think it will limit them,” explains Lauren. “In reality, setting a spend for your wardrobe actually gives you more choice, because it leaves more room for creativity.” 

According to Lauren, the main things to keep in mind are:

The gaps in your wardrobe you need to fill 

“It doesn’t matter how great a bargain is, or how much money you’re saving, if it’s not something that you need or, or something that you already have, then it’s not a great way to spend your budget.” 

The look you want to achieve

“Once you know what you’re trying to achieve, you can then usually find the look at low, medium and high price points.”

The timeframe of the budget 

“Often people will set a one-month budget, but sometimes setting a six-month budget is a better option. This allows you to look into higher quality pieces that will last longer, rather than investing in disposable fashion that will be out of trend next season.” 

Buy pieces you love 

“Fashion should be about pieces you’ll wear again and again.”

So with that in mind, what exactly would Lauren spend her cash on?

“Buy basics and accessories and avoid buying the season’s biggest trend items,” says Lauren. “Fashion is faster than ever, so [trend pieces] will be redundant quicker than you know.”

Here are Lauren’s picks for winter pieces that will work seamlessly with your existing wardrobe: 

Piper Culotte Soft from Myer $89.95

Culottes work on almost any shape and are a way to dress comfortably while also looking polished. This style is also available in petite, which means you don’t have to be tall to pull them off. Try pairing these with something cropped or tuck in a shirt to make sure you don’t lose your waist!”

Sportsgirl Pleated Wrap Midi Skirt $59.99

“Yes, metallic pleats have been done to death this season, but they’re not dead yet. Still a worthwhole investment. Pleats and metallics are a match made in heaven. A metallic tone can lift any outfit and pleats are generally flattering, as long as you choose a narrower style like this piece. Team with an ankle boot and leather jacket or dress it down with some sneakers and a tee.” 

Forever New Maryanne Military Coat $199.99

“This military style coat ticks all the boxes, with it being on trend but not something that you couldn’t recycle for seasons to come. Khaki can be paired with black, navy and grey tones, making it easy to mix and match.” 

Witchery Funnel Neck Shoulder Knit $139.95

The cold shoulder look is here to stay, even in winter, unfortunately. However, this knit allows you to work with the trend without freezing, showing a little bit of shoulder but with a higher neckline and sleeve. It’s also 50 per cent wool, hooray! Throw on some leather (or vegan leather, if you’re that way inclined) pants and a knee high boot and you’re good to go.”

Country Road Cropped Poplin Shirt $139

White shirts: can’t stop, won’t stop. I’d almost go as far as saying they are THE staple piece and will serve you well for many outfits to come. There’s not much you can’t wear a white shirt with. Add a corset belt over the top if you’re looking to get adventurous or throw on a pair of denim jeans and mule and you’re weekend ready.”


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