A Baserange pop-up is coming to Melbourne

Summer uniform sorted.

We love a pop-up.

Who doesn’t love answering, ‘Oh, you know, I got it from the Pop-Up, it’s gone now’? A purchase from a pop-up comes with that feeling of utter victory, knowing that you beat everyone to the punch.

Now combine Baserange with pop-up. That’s just dangerous.

To the lovers of all things basic, Baserange is launching a pop-up  store to help sort out your summer uniform. The acclaimed Danish-French label, will bring its muted tones, organic fibres and Scandinavian minimalism to Melbourne in its first EVER international feat. Open from December 9 to February 29 at No Order Market, it comes just in time for the Melbourne heatwave. 

The store will be the first ever place to explore Baserange’s entire collection, and will be dedicated to the #raw #organic #sustainable aesthetic.

Yes to all of the above.


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