A UK model has launched a petition to change industry standards

Britain’s Next Top Healthy-Sized Model.

Meet Rosie Nelson, the size 8 model from the UK that was told she wasn’t thin enough to be signed to an agency. In retaliation, and rightly so, Rosie has launched a petition urging the government to protect vulnerable models from being pressured into losing too much weight.

The petition, which has over 55,000 signatures, profiles Rosie’s story and it is pretty shocking. After she walked into one of the UK’s biggest model agencies last year, they told her she ticked all the boxes except for one, being that she needed to lose weight. After losing nearly a stone off her already petite frame, the agency once again knocked her back saying they wanted her “down to the bone.”

Earlier this year, France became the latest country to vote to criminalise the use of models that are dangerously thin. Those breaking the law face fines and up to six months in jail. And according to Rosie, the time is now to make changes in the UK. 

You can sign the petition here.

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