An Insider’s Guide to the Ab Fab World of Fashion PR

It’s PR not ER, bitch.

Like climate change, US politics and the love affair between James Packer & Mariah Carey, PR is one of those things that no one quite seems to understand.

Before entering the glamorous world that is fashion PR, I was convinced I was going to grow up to be like PR mavens and Lacroix aficionados Eddy Monsoon & Patty Stone from AbFab; where PR was more of a ‘concept’ than an actual job, and my days would consist of boozing, botox & beehives. 

Alas I was very much mistaken. (Beehives are not even a thing!)

Like most things, PR is a little less ‘glam’ and a little more ‘schlepp’ than TV makes it out to be. From The City to Gossip Girl, there are a few mis-‘fash’-conceptions circulating out there on what it’s actually like to work in fash PR. 


Ahh yes…. this expression was made famous by the PR Queen of LA & NYC, Kelly Cutrone. (ICYMI, Kelly Cutrone founded PR agency People’s Revolution in the ’90s. She then went on to famously ‘employ’ Lauren Conrad & Whitney Port during The Hills.)

According to Kelly, crying in front of the couture is a massive PR don’t. You gotta show some courtesy to the fahshun, donchaknow?  ¯\_()_/¯

So take your wet tears and neg attitude outside because it will affect the silk charmeuse. 

VERDICT: Bathrooms and musty fashion closets work too! There is also no shame in tears. All the greats do it – Pharrell, Hilary Clinton & Kim K! When you get the #feels, happy or sad, a PR gal needs a moment.  


Relationship management is at the core of PR. And let me tell you, Samantha Jones’ ‘relationship building’ prowess is second to none. 

Best not to try and keep up with the Samantha Joneses though. Her particular brand of relationship management probably won’t get you very far IRL, especially as fashion is a notoriously cliquey, female-dominated bid’ness 

Instead, PR girls are viewed as the frenemies of the fashion industry. Media, clients, bloggers and D-list celebs, love to love and love to hate us. 

We’re your besties when you need a front row seat at fashion week, but we’re Public Enemy Number #1 when we’re harassing you to run our story on the latest denim collection with butt pads. 

VERDICT: Sure, IRL relationships aren’t as glam or as sexy as Samantha Jones makes them out to be. But among the drunken work functions, and endless collection launches, you meet a lot of like minded individuals that will throw you a bone every now and then, and maybe even become your BFGP (Best Fashion Gal Pal!)


Erika Bearman is the wunderkind behind @OscarPRGirl, a social media feed that’s a veritable smorgasbord of Oscar de la Renta amazingness and luxury. She holidays in the Hamptons, she has a shoe closet that would make Carrie Bradshaw swoon and Mr de la Renta even created a fragrance inspired by her. 

“[My style is] high glamour. I mean…hopefully. I will wear sweatpants to the grocery store but with heels and some ridiculous coat.” She told The Coveteur. 

Um. High glamour? Lady! How can you be schlepping in high glamour and heels? 

VERDICT: The PR girl uniform is black. All black. Black because its schlep proof. It hides the creases, the coffee stains, and the tears (plus it’s slimming & totally #normcore)


Foreals though. We’re not saving lives here.  A lost sample, a pulled fashion story or dud event won’t kill you (so far!) Just enjoy the clothes, the occasional freebies and the fact you don’t have to baby sit anymore. 

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