An introduction to Frocktober, raising money for ovarian cancer research

A frocking good cause.

Spring is here and although the weather may not be ready for dresses, we’ve got the perfect reason for you to wear them every day.

This October is Frocktober, a fundraising initiative to raise awareness and funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF).

Every year roughly 1,500 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Although it’s not as common as other cancers, it’s often detected too late, so proportionally more women lose their battle, meaning one woman every 10 hours.

Frocktober began in 2007 with a group of friends raising $200. Now eight years later, the initiative has raised over $1 million for the foundation.

So what’s the idea? To wear a frock every single day of October to help raise the awareness this disease needs.

But if you’re not much into frocks you’ve got some other options:

  • You can frock up once a week or once a month and share your gorgeous outfit on social media using #Frocktober2015.
  • You can invite friends over for a bit of a tea party and frock up together.
  • Or you can hold a ‘Frock Friday’ at work or school and everyone can contribute a gold coin donation. This one means the boys don’t miss out on all the fun either.

So this October forget about pants and keep an eye out, because the next frock you see could be for a frocking good cause.



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