An upstarter’s guide to dominating your Instagram game

The game according to Zachary The Label creative director, Effie Kats.

Fashion newbie, Zachary the Label, is dominating the world of Insta-marketing.

Little over two years old, the label has already scooped over 101k Instagram followers while many of us are still scrambling to crack the thousand.

In a bid to find out just how they do it, we quizzed Creative Director, Effie Kats, about how to get your Instagram game on point.

Pens out kids. 

Tip #1: “Fake it ’til you make it”

These are the golden words of the 25-year-old. As an up-and-coming designer you need to know you brand, know your audience, set your goals and keep pushing. Life as we know it is happening via a series of screens and words like post, comment, tag and like are morphing into our daily conversations. Just like any new kid on the block earning respect is key.

Tip #2: Push Yourself

Effie Kats is no stranger to hard work. She started designing and making dresses out of her dad’s store back in 2013.

A sporadic trip to Sydney (and “fate” according Effie), saw her cross paths with one of the world’s most followed fashion bloggers, Antoinette Marie aka Sydney Fashion Blogger. Although she felt like a groupie at the time, Effie knew she had no choice but to approach her. She’s the Sydney Fashion Blogger, how could you not?

Soon after the pair met, Antoinette walked away with one of Zachary’s designs, with plans to wear it for her upcoming birthday bash.

Her birthday came along, and unfortunately Zachary The Label wasn’t her outfit of choice.

“It was good because it gave me time to work harder. I hadn’t even established a name at that stage and our Instagram page was just picking up.” With that, it was back to the drawing board.

Tip #3: Get Followers

A selfie here and a mirror shot there, the brand’s Instagram page soon found itself a following; the most important thing when you’re bringing your social A-game. Kats advises to keep your hashtags to a minimum, staying away from hashtags other than your own label.

Tip #4: Create a lifestyle

At 2K followers Zachary’s social presence evolved from photos of Effie standing in front of the mirror in her Dad’s store, to a more refined, clean and sassy representation. She found an aesthetic that worked for Zachary and more importantly a lifestyle for her customers to aspire to.

It’s important to create an aesthetic that will leave Insta-lovers no choice but to click follow. In the end that’s more engaging than just individual posts. 

Tip #5: Dress someone Insta-famous

This one’s perhaps the hottest tip of all. Send every famous person you know something to post and re-post, and try to get someone Insta-famous wearing your designs. 

Let’s fast forward from Effie and Antoinette’s Topshop meet in Sydney, to the following New Year’s Eve. A text message pops up on Effie’s phone with a screen shot taken from @sydneyfashionblogger, it reads ‘is this Zachary?’


Double take and it wasn’t long before the entire party knew Zachary The Label. Antoinette had saved this outfit for the most exciting night of the year. It only took a couple of tags for an influx of 3000 followers, and 2014 had kicked off with a bang for the now freshest label on the scene.

Tip #6: Be passionate

At the Zachary store located in the heart of Chapel Street, a quote that resonates with the brand is plastered across the wall in bright neon lights.

“Behind every great woman is herself.”

Effie concedes that without their social presence and powerful Instagram following, they wouldn’t be here today. But without her drive to succeed, she also admits she’d be sitting in her photography class waiting for a sign. Tip number six is being passionate, because if you love what you do, then your customers will love it too.

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