AnOther Magazine AW14 Seeing Red

Redheads in the Highlands.

AnOther Magazine celebrate the glorious redhead gene in their AW14 feature, Seeing Red.

Starring the redheaded Low family, and Essex model Fay Alice Parsons, the shoot takes place in a remote church in Inverness, a city in the Scottish Highlands where the Low family live.

“It was not supposed to be a big styling number, it was more a celebration of the characters and the place,” stylist Cathy Edwards said. Nevertheless, the “characters” are clothed in gorgeous threads from Céline, Balmain and Pringle of Scotland.

“Red is an extremely strong colour and it has all sorts of magical connotations,” photographer Harley Weir said. “It is definitely one of the best colours and to have it all tumbling down your neck… it’s just beautiful. It is unique and wonderfully rare.”

Hear ye!


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