Australian Style Institute is on the hunt for aspiring stylists

A call out to all you style-savvy hunnies.

That’s a call out to all you style-savvy hunnies hungry to get your foot in the door.

Australian Style Institute provides the training, mentoring and support you need to succeed in Australia’s thriving style and image industry.  

Getting you ready for a whole range of fields, ASI will prepare you for television and media, styling editorial shoots, dressing celebs, runway events, in-house stylist roles and providing personal styling for a vast range of clients. So they’re pretty much covering all bases.

Their courses offer a unique and innovative perspective on styling that empowers the individual and prepares you to become a defining influence in your clients’ lives. While you’ll soon find yourself helping people to embrace their personal aspirations, ASI’s Student Development team will help you to realise your aspirations, by ensuring you to stay on track, keeping you accountable and assisting you to get your dream job. 

As their network of accomplished styling professionals continues to grow across Australia and New Zealand, now’s the time to join the ASI community. Take on the fashion world, one killer outfit at a time.  

Become A Stylist
2-day introduction into the world of professional styling
27th-28th June
Fraser Suites, Sydney


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