Australia’s Next Top Model Season 9, Episode 3

The one where the journalists ask all the really dumb qs. Oh and Jean Paul Gaultier.

And we’re back kids.

Episode 2 was stressful. Cassie got booted and we saw some real emotion :’( And then they introduced Zahra who won the #ANTMselfie challenge.

Also, lil’ update for ya. Remember how Izi won that Kim K challenge? Her photo went up onto her personal Instagram account and all that shiz? Yeah. She deleted it. Kim K was a very sneakay laday and only had it up for about eight hours apparently. Breach of contract?

Anyway. Zahra. She’s a babe and everyone is really threatened by her. And they’ve popped her into the opening credit sequence now so that’s kind of groovy. She also made a very revealing comment about bunk beds.

“I’m going to pick the top because I’ve never had a top bunk before.”

Wow. That IS revealing. But the comment was met with very very real exclamations from the girls so I don’t even know what’s happening.

So the challenge this week is all about dealing with the media and being in the public eye. The gals get $300 to style themselves for a red carpet event for the opening of Jean Paul Gaultier’s exhibition in…






They have to answer some questions from the “real media” on the red carpet too so obviously Brittany is freaking.

“I am so stressed. I’ve always been such a bogan-ish sort of talker and I just don’t want that to come out in front of cameras.”

Phoebe also comes out as Jean Paul Gaultier’s biggest fan so now I’m going to label her the smart one because she seems like she knows what’s happening in the fashun world.

But then they’re in Myer and Phoebe has some sort of panic attack because she can’t add up the prices of her garments so I’m taking that smart label away from her now. Sozza.

Also Phoebe and Alex both choose the same sass & bide bustier crop thingy so lol.

The gals headed to the National Gallery of Victoria for the red carpet.

We gotta say. Brittany is becoming a fast favourite. She kind of stuttered and it took her a while to say “Gaultier” to the reporter but she looked super cool with her cornrow braids and mega-quiff.

But then one of the journalists asked a dumb question and I knew that I was in for a ride.

“If you could say anything in French to Jean Paul Gaultier, what would you say to him?”

Um, what even is that?

There’s more. Both the male and female reporter were ridiculous.

“Jean Paul is quite avant-garde though,” she said to Tanahya who was wearing a simple black gown. “You wanted to be more sophisticated, not noticed so much?”


“Jean Paul is known as a bit of a bad boy. Do you like bad boys?”

“Are you prepared to suffer for fashion?”

“Pantsuit. You know it’s a bit controversial, it’s a red carpet event.”

Thank you for that statement you male reporter wearing pants.

Not making this shiz up. Dumb dumb questions.

Lucy wore a tiny bralet and had to defend herself to that annoying male reporter. Alex Perry didn’t know what a bralet was which was pretty surprising for a dude that works in the “rag trade”.

And if you don’t know, now you know…

Brittany wins the challenge. Yay! But now it’s photoshoot time and they’re posing in Hosier Lane (the one with all the graffiti) in a Jean Paul Gaultier CREATION with photographer, Nick Leary.

Ayieda got pissy because her heels didn’t fit. Srsly? Every ep she’s got some sort of issue with shoes. Zahra was pretty nervous because it was her first shoot and she kind of bombed.

So makes sense they were both in the bottom two for elimination.

By the way, what’s the deal with that weird getting-ready-for-elimination montage? Hmm.

Jean Paul Gaultier was the guest judge and he fell in love with Brittany. So much so that he invited her to his couture show next season in Paris.

“You have to drive your career like that! Like you are doing with ze truck!” he said. “I always dream to have like a truck driver in my couture show.”

lolwut. Is this not the most fabulous guy in existence?

Lauren and Brittany (duh) were at the top of the list. Remember Lauren because she is quickly improving. The two of them are also best friends.

But yeah, Ayieda and Zahra 🙁 Loving Ayieda because she’s hilar but we haven’t seen anything from Zahra yet. You know eliminations are getting real when you actually remember the names of the girls that go.

And it was Ayieda’s turn to leave. I’m actually devastated. She’s totes the funniest one in the house. Where are all my sassy quotes going to come from now?!

Next ep is MAKEOVERS YES YES YES. I reckon Lucy is going red and Izi is going short. Nek lvl baybay.

Also, anybody else thinking the theme song is a bit bleh? Throwback to the early America’s Next Top Model opening song yeaaa.


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