Balenciaga has released a $1500 shopping bag so you can be extra at the supermarket too

No basic zone.

First, it was the bag that looked suspiciously like an Ikea bag. Now, Balenciaga has one-upped itself and released a $1500 shopping bag.

For those who prefer to be extra in every aspect of their lives, the 100 per cent calfskin leather bag comes in white and black with nappa leather straps.

First revealed on the Fall/Winter ’17 runway, it’s a step up from the humble green eco bag you always forget to take to the supermarket. It also won’t take over your house like all the plastic bags under the sink.

Coming in at roughly $1540 AUD, we’re not sure it’s justified. But if it deters people from using plastic bags, we can get around it.

Check it out online here.


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