Bauer Media is axing Dolly Magazine

Goodnight, sweet prince.

It’s with a heavy heart and intense pangs of nostalgia that we announce the axing of Dolly Magazine.

Bauer Media dropped the bombshell this afternoon, with CEO Nick Chan announcing the magazine will no longer go to print. 

A moment of silence, please.

Once considered the bible of teen girls nationwide, it seems the mag – and it’s highly beloved Sealed Section – no longer have a place on bedroom floors. 

“Dolly readers predominantly engage with the brand on digital and social platforms and they do so with greater frequency than is possible with a bi-monthly magazine – this means it’s no longer feasible to continue publishing the magazine on a regular basis,” said Bauer Media CEO, Nick Chan.

Yes, you may shake your fist and curse ‘youth these days’ for preferring Snapchat over actual, quality content. 

Now take a second to look at the person you’ve become.
Let’s move on. 

Before you start mourning Dolly Doctor (who was obviously the most informative doctor you ever came across), it’s not all doom and gloom. The publication’s digital presence lives on. And yes, that it includes The Doctor. 

“Dolly has played a part in the lives of many Australians over the years, which is why we’re delighted its outstanding content continues but now, exclusively, on the channels today’s teens prefer to interact with most.”

The mag started in 1970 with the final edition on sale December 5.



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