Beloved Parisian retailer Colette is closing its doors for good

“colette ne peut exister sans Colette.”

After 20 years of business, Parisian concept store Colette has sadly announced it will be closing its doors.

Taking to social media yesterday, the retailer shared a post that says, come December 20, it will be no more. 

Despite the noticeable decline in bricks-and-mortar retail, the news has come as a surprise to many, with Colette only having announced its next big collaboration, with H&M, some days ago. 

Colette has remained relevant throughout the years, thanks to its innovative and dynamic approach to fashion retail, and its killer suite of brands. 

The store has noted the impending closure is simply due to founder Colette Roussaux choosing to step down:

“Colette Roussaux has reached the time when she would like to take her time; and Colette cannot exist without Colette,” the post reads.  

Saint Laurent is currently said to be in talks with Colette to take on the Rue Saint-Honoré location. However, in the meantime, the store will continue to operate as usual. 


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