Covetique is selling a vintage Chanel wardrobe

Mostly ’90s pieces. They’re beyond amazing.

A private seller is bidding farewell to her Chanel wardrobe, a personal collection that she’s curated over three decades.

Sixty-one of these vintage Chanel pieces are currently available to purchase at Covetique, an online boutique for pre-owned luxury fashion.

“These items date primarily from the early nineties,” said Nicola McClafferty, CEO and co-founder of Covetique. “Karl Lagerfeld had been at the helm for 10 years at that point and was taking Chanel in a really exciting direction, putting a new twist on the Chanel classics – like the amazing classic bouclé suits in bright colours with plastic trim.”

Understandably, it was quite an emotional decision for the seller to part with these pre-loved beauties.

“It’s important to the seller that these amazing pieces are passed on to a buyer that really appreciates their history,” Nicola said.

It’s expensive. No surprises there. But you’ll have a hard time finding these pieces elsewhere, so it’s worth having a look.


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