Emily Ratajkowki for Yamamay Lingerie

No blurred lines here.

From humble iCarly beginnings to dancing in her underwear in ‘Blurred Lines’, Emily Ratajkowski and her body have become somewhat a contentious issue.

It’s no surprise then, that Italian lingerie and swimwear brand Yamamay have made her the face of its Autumn/Winter 2014 underwear campaign. In the ads, Ratajkowski positively sizzles, showing off her famous physique in silken and lacy camisoles, robes and underwear in an artist’s studio surrounded by dust sheets and paintbrushes. 

A warning though: the ads will almost certainly leave you with an overwhelming urge to put down that salted caramel brownie and go to the gym. Or, if you’re like us, think about going to the gym, decide against it, then have another brownie. You win some, you lose some.


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