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Fashion flies.

Let’s face it, when on a long flight, you’ll find us a pair of less-than-stylish leggings or trackies. As for the airline’s crew, you would never catch them looking any less than perfectly styled (even though they work tirelessly for hours on end).

Did you know that one of the world’s top airlines has their employees wearing Balmain designs? You heard me. If you want to be able to afford Balmain, then it’s time to take up a job as a Singapore Airlines host or hostess. 

Did you know Virgin Australia’s uniform was designed by Project Runway Australia winner Juli Grbac? We are rethinking those leggings now.

These airlines are proving that fashion does fly, just not on us. 

Designer: Martin Grant
Inspired by the QANTAS logo, you can expect sleek yet relaxed look. Staples include the bold striped dress and a red or pink neck scarf.

Singapore Airlines
Designer: Pierre Balmain
Designed in 1968, the world-famous “Singapore Girl” uniforms take on a traditional style with each outfit personally tailored for each flight attendant.

Air New Zealand
Designer: Trelise Cooper
Created with the new fleet of 777-300 aircraft in mind, you can expect hostesses in contemporary and feminine styles inspired by traditional Kiwi patterns.

Virgin Australia
Designer: Juli Grbac
Channelling old-world glamour and sophistication, Virgin Australia’s attendants are easy to spot, with their core colour palette of deep red, silver and purple.

Designer: Simon Jersey
Detail is everything for this luxurious company. Tailoring is the forefront of the design and mirrors signature elements of the Emirates look.

Cathay Pacific
Designer: Eddie Lau
Designed in Hong Kong by local Eddie Lau, Cathay continues a tradition of style with sharp colours and pointed collars.

Designer: In-house
Think fresh flowers and rich purples. Thai Airways encompasses traditional glamour to form a uniform that has a timeless appeal.

Designer: In-house
Made from high-tech fabrics that are both stylish and functional, this uniform was designed with input from the team. Expect their signature orange and black palette across both ladies and men.


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