Fashion Crocs are becoming a thing and this is not a drill

As worn at Christopher Kane’s NYFW show.

Could this be the end of fashion as we know it?

In a move that will make you question everything you thought you knew about fashion, Christopher Kane used Crocs in his NYFW runway.

Previously reserved for old women gardening and babies on the beach, the aforementioned Crocs received a very ~fashun~ makeover for the show, each embellished with multiple gemstones.

The internet has dubbed this the ‘fashion Crocs’ – two words we thought we’d never hear together and tbh, are making us a little scared.

Will this take off? Will the street style contenders blindly follow suit for lack of personal style? Will we embrace Crocs in all their comfortable glory? Will we find ourselves saving our pay to be able to afford Kane’s gemstone Crocs embellishments? 

Only time will tell.


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