Five fashion jobs you didn’t know existed

Some little known but big shot jobs in the industry.

So many of us have a passionate love for fashion, but without the skills for design, styling or (God forbid) modelling, it can be tricky to know how to crack into the industry. 

Because we know how much you guys love fashion, and because we how hard the industry is to break into, we’ve gone and uncovered some little known but big shot jobs in the industry.

1. Print designer 
Ever had someone compliment you on a cool printed shirt, bag, skirt, pillowcase, hanky or whatever? Well, someone with an incredible eye for detail has to actually draw it all out by hand before it’s put there.

The job involves elements of illustration, graphic design and all-round good taste. Because brands can’t just pull any old print off Google. Der.

2. Runway sound designer
Those who understand the incestuous relationship between fashion and music will know that runway music can make or break a fashion show. Sound designers must tailor a custom-mixed playlist for each show that best showcases the collection. Like fashion, the music often has to be ahead of its time, which means the job involves a lot of research into finding new artists, tracks and sounds. DJ alias not necessary.

3. Trend forecaster 
Competition in the fashion industry is very much about being on top and well ahead of trends. To do this, a forecaster needs to predict and anticipate what will be in and out and at what rate, as well as understand how people think and shop. The job involves a lot of analysis, as well as some basic skills as a mind reader.

4. Head dresser 
Backstage at a fashion show is often a manic flurry of endless activity, but there is always one brilliant multi-tasker who keeps everything in check. They’re the ones who help models get into clothing, ensure each has the right shoes, jewellery, makeup and underwear, avoid any sort of “wardrobe malfunction” and pretty much keep everything running smoothly. The job involves an elite level of organisational skills and a very cool head. 

5. Translator
Take a moment to think of all the major fashion houses and where they’re located. Now take a second to think of where they’re distributed. One clear barrier in the business of fashion? Language.

It’s pretty clear that when it comes to these top fashion players that Google Translate isn’t going to cut it. Language is imbued with cultural intricacies that allow fashion to be propagated to all corners of the earth. So the elite houses bring in translators.

Work is sporadic (although highly paid) and provided your bilingual skills extend across intricate fashion vocab, it’s also relatively easy.

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