Google unveils the most searched trends of 2014

The hot, not and kinda boring.

As another year closes and we begin to break out the eggnog and 2015 resolutions, Google released the results on its annual ‘A Year in Search’ report.

A dull revelation saw the most Googled fashion trend to be normcore. 

Normcore: where trend followers literally attempt to be undistinguished and neutral in their unisex style. Where ‘blah’ became hot, normcore sure is the anti-trend of the fashion world. But this average, nothing-special look is a stark contrast to alternate trends that also made the popular-list (‘mesh’ and ‘capes’ we’re looking at you). 

With crop-tops and ‘health-goth’ making the cut, take a trip down memory lane for 2014 and have a squiz at the most-googled (not best) top-20 listed below.

1. Normcore
2. Health goth
3. Athleisure
4. Wearables
5. Crop tops
6. Designer collaboration
7. Over-the-knee boots
8. Full skirts
9. Culottes
10. Mules
11. Street style
12. Capes
13. Mesh
14. Tartan
15. Fashion sneakers
16. Mod style
17. Suede
18. Iridescence
19. Embroidered denim

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