Here are the most Instagrammed fashion brands in 2015

And the winner comes as no surprise.

We know in 2015 that grammin’ is a go-to platform for talking fashion and labels. And so M by Macy’s has done a little investigation into which brands have the most mentions via hashtaggin’ and the most followers.

You might have guessed that Nike is dominating in both categories with 18,717,397 followers and 47,747,998 #hashtag mentions as of July. Coming in behind Nike for ‘most #hashtag mentions’ are all of our high-end-fashion-house-favourites like Prada, Gucci, Dior and Hermès – because le’ts face it, some people love showing off their labels. Adidas Originals comes in at second place for most followed at 6,445,717, but has Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Michael Kors close on it heels.

Thanks Macy’s for giving us some serious insight into the world where fashion and social media meet, and for making it very clear just how much the world loves their Nike. 

Check out the interactive graph chart here.

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