Here’s how those period undies actually work

All your period underwear questions answered.

Remember THINX? They’re the legends behind the period underwear designed to replace your panty liners.

They’re also helping out Ugandan women by sending funds to Afripads, an organisation teaching women to sew and sell reusable cotton pads in Africa.

But how do period undies work?

WELL. Turns out there are four layers of super fabric combining to feel like regular underwear.

The first is a moisture wicking layer, the second and third are absorbent and anti-microbial and the last is leak resistant.

Here’s what that actually means.

The first of these layers draws away the moisture, allowing you to feel dry all day without changing, while the second and third keep you clean and free of bacteria.

Lastly, the fourth layer is to prevent the leaky mishaps you dreaded every month in high school.

They’re thin enough to feel like normal underwear, and so absorbent the heavier pairs can take up to two tampons worth of blood. There’s also a range of different pairs varying for heavier to lighter days, from hip huggers to thongs.

The materials used are a mixture of cotton and nylon/spandex meaning it feels similar to wearing a pair of Spanx.

Some women choose to wear the undies on their own, while some use them as a backup to their tampon/menstrual cup etc. Obviously no one knows your cycle like you do, so you’re encouraged to do whatever’s comfortable.

We’ve scouted around and reviews tend to say they work best alongside a tampon or menstrual cup rather than hans solo, but again this is all very subjective.

If you’re feeling a little hesitant, test it out as a backup first.

Science and menstruation, it’s a beautiful collaboration.


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