This Instagram account documents eBay’s most obscure fashion


Christmas gift inspo.

If you’re looking for some early Christmas gift inspiration, we may have just found the perfect Instagram.

@ebaybae is an account dedicated to documenting eBay’s most obscure fashion, art and everyday items.

Expect listings like Louis Vuitton boxing gloves, a $2,990 toilet roll and even an iPhone screenshot listed for $25.

It’s run and curated by Tae In Ahn, who works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and uses her spare time to find bizarre eBay listings.

To be included on the page, the requirements are simple. The item must be a genuine eBay listing, and as unusual as the rest of the collection.

According to an interview, Tae’s favourite listings have included tweezers shaped like legs, designer dog toys, a series of objects covered in fake grass and everyday items decorated with Swarovski crystals. And the most obscure? Custom messages are written in black caviar.

The adage one man’s trash is another man’s treasure has never been so true.

You can check out the rest of @ebaybae’s Instagram here.

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