Interns are suing Mary-Kate and Ashley’s fashion empire, The Row

When interns fight back.

It looks like a group of former interns at The Row have joined forces to sue Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s fashion empire for alleged mistreatment.

We can assure you that the cutie-pie TV stars turned boss business ladies MK and A are not to blame though. The claims are against parent company Dualstar, who it is alleged didn’t pay at least 40 of its interns that currently work or have worked at The Row.

In court, ex-intern Shahista Lalani had nothing but lovely words to say about the style-icon twins, but claims the head technical designer was very ‘demanding’, even into the wee hours of the night. D-IVA.

Putting in 50 hours a week and supposedly being dealt a workload big enough for three interns, Lalini claims she was even hospitalised for dehydration at one point during her internship.

While Dualstar is apparently still in the dark about the whole ordeal and The Row have not yet released a statement, this sure does seem like the making of an internship horror story. 

Image via Net-A-Porter.

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