It’s official: Alexander Wang and Balenciaga are parting ways

Don’t worry, it was mutual.

The rumours are true. Alexander Wang will no longer be Balenciaga’s creative director, as confirmed by a statement from the fashion house on Friday.

Wang has thanked Balenciaga and said that he is looking forward to expanding his eponymous brand. And from the amount of positive, gushing statements released from both parties, it’s clear it was a mutual decision and that there are no hard feelings.

Creative director since 2012, Wang has taken the brand from strength to strength, pushing Balenciaga to be a more globally recognised house and achieving double-digit growth. 

The brand’s incredible centenary anniversary is looming in 2017, but the search for Wang’s replacement is being kept hush hush at the moment.

While we wait to hear who will be crowned Balenciaga’s new king or queen, Wang will be farewelled at Balenciaga’s Spring ’16 show during Paris Fashion Week on 2 October.

Image via Time.

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