James Drinkwater and Alpha60 have teamed up on a capsule collection

Celebrating the intrinsic relationship between art and fashion.

Celebrated artist and winner of the 2014 Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship, James Drinkwater, has collaborated with Melbourne based label Alpha60 to create James Drinkwater x Alpha60. 

The collaboration was inspired by Drinkwater’s desire to experiment with different application techniques. In his words, “fabric, like paint, is unpredictable, the way it shifts and falls…”

Alpha60 designers Georgie and Alex Cleary share Drinkwater’s fascination with combining art and fashion, making it a very deliberate union.

The result is a capsule of signature pieces, with a limited colour palette allowing the focus to be on the ink drawings and how they are manipulated by the silhouette of the garment.

The collection will be available from early November.


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