Kenzo cast only Asian models in its Paris show

Honouring the brand’s heritage.

Kenzo has always championed a spirit of individualism. Its Spring 2018 show cemented this point, running a little differently than most others at this month’s Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

Honouring their Japanese heritage, designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim cast only Asian models in their Parisian showcase.

The show was split into two acts, drawing inspiration from two of Kenzo’s muses.

Part one was titled Building of the Bamboo House and honoured Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.

The second part of the show reflected the designers’ love of Japanese model, Sayoko Yamaguchi. It was aptly titled Love Letter to Sayoko.

Dancers performed while hanging from the side of the Lycée Camille Sée in Paris, while models showcased the collection below.

You can check out every look in the photos above.


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