Louis Vuitton is taking counterfeit companies to task

Protecting the 160-year-old identity.

Louis Vuitton has its legal team working hard to protect its brand identity. 

Following its My Other Bag (MOB) legal battle, the fashion house is filing a lawsuit with Beijing’s Haidian District Court. The lawsuit regards the sale of counterfeit goods on the e-commerce marketplace, TaoBao.

According to The Fashion Law, Vuitton claims that three of TaoBao’s individual sellers were formerly convicted of operating serious counterfeits between 2011 and 2014. Vuitton is claiming it is owed around 250,000 yuan in damages. That’s around $55,000 AUD.

Earlier in the week it was reported that a case against MOB, for a canvas bag that depicts the famous Vuitton monogram tote design, was dismissed. The Southern District of New York Court stated the MOB designs were only parodies and the company could not be prosecuted for trademark infringement. 


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